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2014, LOOK Restobar, Saratov

January 30, 2015


2013, PPL, Saratov

December 17, 2013


2013, Ugolёk, Moscow

December 17, 2013


2013, «Bolshoy» Ice Dome, Sochi

September 19, 2013

BLA_130508_42013, «Bolshoy» Ice Dome, SochiBLA_03041316

More pictures and information on the official site “Olympstroy” Corporation’s

2013, MEGA BASS HORN, Sochi

September 19, 2013

2013, MEGA BASS HORN, SochiSochi Horn

Funktion-One (Official) news:
We have just won a pro sound award for our permanent install in Sochi for the winter olympics next year. How do you get bass all the way up a mountain from one point. You use one of these ‘Mega Bass Horns’…

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